COMAN was developed as a strategic innovation project for many years in collaboration with leading companies of the automotive industry and in the field of production technology.

A continuous gathering of real needs and experiences from various stakeholders from numerous machine and plant construction projects was the basis for the development of COMAN and a part of the continuous improvement process of the software.

The result is an innovative software for efficient and holistic management of complex machine and plant construction projects – COMAN.

Everything at a glance

Innovation in digital project management

COMAN is the first software linking the digital plant design (2D / 3D CAD drawings) automated and consistently with a detailed schedule of each object and each participant of the project.

Each real object of the construction site can be enriched with digital attributes and dependencies which can be monitored by intelligent algorithms in real time and are displayed clearly.

Recent changes in progress are captured with mobile devices on site in a simple manner and thus enable a continuously updated presentation of the project status.

Using intelligent analysis and features the project can be controlled worldwide and any faults in the process flow are detected early for a proactively support.

This allows a time and cost optimized execution of machine and plant construction projects.


  • Increased transparency and security in plant construction projects
  • Increased planning quality
  • Efficient and standardized project controlling
  • Shortening the construction time by optimized processes
  • Time savings during the preparation of the time schedule at higher level of detail
  • Digital information exchange in real time
  • Automated data synchronization
  • Automated generation of latest status reports
  • Fast and mobile status detection onsite
  • Worldwide access to the current project status
  • Avoiding manual transcription errors
  • Proactively countermeasures, instead of expensive fire fighting
  • Reducing supplements (customer) respectively penalties (Supplier)
  • All data in one system
  • Precision, thoroughness, efficiency and team spirit
  • Developed for the practice

expert system

controlling plant construction projects successfully

Import your plant layout and schedule or create the project directly in COMAN.

Adjust the profiles of your project users to their individual preferences using individual access rights, project-related views and meaningful evaluations.

Tracing your project history with the COMAN-Time Slider, customizing your management reports and efficient defect tracking are just a few features that will help you managing your project successfully.

COMAN offers interfaces to the following programs:

mobile apps

gathering information where they arise

Whether you are interested in individual milestones, the status of involved suppliers or contractors or a comprehensive error documentation including a photo – with the App COMANMobile and the special apps COMANLop and COMANChecklist for iOS, Android and UWP (Universal Windows Platform / Windows10) you can detect each current status of the project easily onsite.

Due to the synchronization with the COMAN backend server you receive an immediate overview of the project and can respond to irregularities in a timely manner.

backend server

everything perfectly connected

The innovative backend server functions as a data and communications hub in COMAN by connecting the individual COMAN components and providing the current status on any device.

Through an intelligent backup function you are protected against data loss or loss of devices as COMAN restores the current status of the project in no time.


our expertise: your successfull project

Resulting from years of supporting complex plant construction projects, we have a comprehensive expertise in implementing these ambitious projects.

We gladly support you with our know-how - from the initial planning to the successful commissioning of your project.

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